Monday, October 25, 2010

Parkes Radio Telescope

The New South Wales town of Parkes is home to the Parkes Radio Telescope. ParkesThis radio telescope was built by the CSIRO in 1961 and is still used to conduct astronomical observations to this day.  It is 64 metres in size and its location was chosen specifically to help shield it from radio interference that could disturb its observations. The dish has also played an important role in tracking and communications for the Apollo, Voyager and Galileo space missions.

An account of the role Parkes played in the Apollo 11 moon landing has been recounted in the humorous Australian film – The Dish released in 2000. Get it out now on DVD to learn more about Parkes and its radio telescope, or visit Parkes and its Visitors Centre, which is open every day except Christmas and Boxing Day.

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